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What makes Set Them Up For Success so different? Check out our children’s book on success, written by our students.

At Set Them Up For Success our students receive a wide variety of services. We offer one-on -one homework help, test prep, study skills, accountability and tutoring. Each week one of our Academic coaches will email your child’s teachers and connect to ensure all assignments are complete and to verify upcoming test, quizzes and projects. Armed with this information we can help our students with project management, test preparation and efficient study skills. We teach in real time, so your child leaves each evening fully understanding what was taught in the classroom that day.

Our students receive guidance in all their classes and homework is checked for accuracy each day. Unlike traditional tutoring, we operate on a flat fee basis and encourage students to attend every afternoon, Monday – Thursday. With regular attendance, we see our students incorporating success habits, which will serve them their entire lives.

Upon arrival, each child helps them self to a healthy snack and takes a few minutes to catch up with friends and their coaches. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy a little downtime before stepping into their homework. When they are ready to begin, they will meet with an Academic coach and discuss the homework for the evening and prioritize their schedule. At that point the student begins to work on their studies, if they have questions our staff are there to answer any questions. Once they have completed their assignments they hand them in to one of the coaches who will check them for accuracy. Any mistakes are addressed immediately and if needed concepts are retaught.

Learning in Real Time prepares our students to be ready to take a pop quiz at any time! This ideology really pays off when it is time to prepare for a test or quiz. No cramming for us! Our students are given the opportunity to use their success strategies daily and truly feel the effects of their power. This builds confidence in even the most dishearten, discouraged student. We have witnessed incredible progress. Let’s face it, for a student, school is their job. Imagine how it would feel If you struggled at your job, every day. The feeling of incompetence permeates every aspect of your life. Thankfully we have the solution!


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Our Mission

Welcome to Set Them Up For Success! I am Debbie Elder and I am so glad you are here! Like you, I am a parent and want what is best for my kids. Before my first daughter was born, I had already decided the kind of confident, successful, self-assured person I wanted her to be walking out my door at age18. This is an important step, but only the first step; as with every aspect of life, we must develop and commit to a plan to make the important things happen, to achieve that vision of success we have for our kids; relying on “luck”, or on someone else to take on the responsibility for achieving those goals rarely works out well.  With a well-developed plan, once the big decisions are made, the little ones are easy. We help families develop and execute the life plans for their children!



Success doesn’t happen by accident! We have developed and implemented proven methods to ensure your children achieve the school success they deserve! But that is not all…… we specialize in teaching life skills that promote lifetime success. We develop well-rounded, confident, self-aware and self-disciplined students. Let us show you how development of these scholastic skills and life lessons can benefit your child!


Franchise Info.

Set Them Up For Success is a growing international company actively looking for franchisees. If you believe in the potential of each and every child and have a desire to be the Agent for unlocking that potential, not only in your own family but for others as well, we encourage you to spread the joy!  Set Them Up For Success franchises are available at a very reasonable startup cost, come with the set up assistance and hands-on training you will need to get off to a great start, and generate a quick return on your investment in a recession-proof business.  Please contact us for franchise information.



My family started working with Debbie Elder and ‘Set Them Up For Success’ in the fall of 2003. Debbie’s ability to connect with my children and help them to help themselves was so powerful. Both my husband and I started to notice changes right away. Our children were more confident, better organized, and quickly became far better students. I think every child deserves the opportunity to become a leader and to have the right coach to help them develop the necessary skills for a fulfilling and successful life. Thanks, Debbie!

“Debbie’s holistic approach to the family was patient, very positive and encouraging.  She provided tools we could use daily to assist our teens in becoming more personally responsible, positive and successful.

“Often, my natural reaction to a parenting situation would be ineffective. With Debbie’s help, I learned skills that seems counter-intuitive, but they work! She lays out clear and concise techniques that anyone can follow. I even use her suggestions for my employees. Thanks again Debbie!”

“Set Them Up For Success” did more for our daughter’s organizational skills and self-confidence than all the other programs combined! Debbie was able to remove the mask of self-doubt and the weight of under achievement.” Thank you Debbie!

“Her motivational techniques, no nonsense approach, push for independence, and student ownership has changed the focus of my school and most importantly, the success level of my students. No more tears, no more struggles – just happy, productive, respectful, motivated teens!”

“We now have a happy, well-adjusted and confident teen – no more angry outburst or negativity. Each week we find ourselves saying “Now wouldn’t Ms. Debbie be proud of us!”

“My wife and I have been very pleased with Debbie Elder and her team at Set Them Up for Success.   We discovered that our daughter has a different way of how she absorbs information and is able to process and retain information, which was dramatically impacting her grades.   She was also lacking confidence and continually getting frustrated with having to re learn materials.   We also had a concern about being located in a different city than Debbie and her team, and how potentially negative a non face to face regular interaction could be for her learning style.

We have found, over the last year, that Debbie and her team have really done a remarkable job of instilling our daughter with a remarkable sense of confidence and ability to try new tactics and strategies to read, review and retain information.   With help and day to day touch points from the Set Them Up for Success team, our daughter has gone from a reluctant to learn, overwhelmed ‘C’ student to a passionate about her studies and confident ‘A and occasional B’ student.

Thank you, Debbie and team, for doing what you do so well – and for helping our daughter begin to realize her full potential.”