A Prescription To Increase Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Smart Student Going To School With Her NotebooksImagine a world where everyone had great self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem. Wouldn’t that be a terrific place to live? No petty arguments, no ego’s getting in the way, just harmony and peaceful, productive living. Well, why not make this a reality? Science has taught us the power of our minds and physicians have known for years the amazing effects of placebos. In fact, in the 18th century doctors deliberately used sugar pills when they had no suitable drug to prescribe.

When we believe, we can achieve anything. Even increased self-confidence. People who are self-assured make better choices and treat others with respect. They carry with themselves an attitude of gratitude and truly appreciate all that they have. When you are grateful, you have joy and it is through joy that true happiness emerges. Self-confident people speak up and share their ideas willingly. They are quick to offer help and believe they can be of assistance. They focus on the needs of others and are quick to contribute.

Each of us has a purpose in this world but if we are lacking in self-confidence, that purpose may not be expressed. Your children deserve to be the best they can be and the rest of us deserve to benefit from their gifts. What is Beethoven never played piano because he didn’t believe he was good enough? We may still be in the dark if Edison didn’t believe so strongly that he could in fact design an incandescent light bulb that would work. Or what about Ford? People laughed at him and made fun of his Model –T, but look at us now! We can’t even imagine a day without our cars.

Parents, take some time to discover the placebo your children need to truly believe in themselves. We are all born into greatness and by unleashing the confidence necessary for success, success will follow – guaranteed!

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