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7 Approaches That Encourage Kids to Cooperate

Cooperation is a tricky concept. Ideally, it means everyone working together toward a common goal. Sometimes, it means being a responsible member of society by following the rules and being polite. All too often, it means that authority figures make rules according to their interests, and demand that everyone else obey unquestioningly. When seeking cooperation […]

Raising Compassionate Children

Anyone who watches TV news—or spends time on social media, or works in customer service, or drives during rush hour—might be inclined to say we live in the Age of Anger. Everywhere we look, someone seems to be screaming insults, turning crimson, or threatening if not actually committing violence. All of which are rooted in […]

5 Steps to Raising Responsible, Contributing Adults

Children who grow up in cooperative households—households where everyone pitches in—have the best chance of becoming responsible adults who appreciate what they have, empathize with others, and live as contributing citizens in their community and world. Make your own household cooperative while your children are still young, and you’ll also be investing in insurance against […]

The Art Of Family Meetings

Never tried family meetings? You should! This small time investment pays unimaginable dividends in family connections. Here’s how to do it: Meet at a regularly scheduled time. Everyone should have a say in choosing a time of all-around convenience, not least so that everyone feels an important part of things from the start. In most […]

The Parent Economy

When we hear the word “economy,” we usually think of money. However, the word (from the Greek oikonomia) originally meant “household management.” When it comes to the job of parenting, household management comprises many aspects, and an active strategy is essential. Effective management of anything requires active participation from everybody with a stake in the […]

Enhancing Critical Thinking

Moving students beyond opinions to critical thinking is a hefty challenge for educators. It requires earnest consideration of more than one profound topic. First, make sure you understand what critical thinking is: a reasonable and reflective thought process, which employs depth, accuracy, and insight to determine the merit of an object or theory, for the […]