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DESIGNS LESSONS FOR STUDENT MASTERY  “Mastery learning” is an educational philosophy that relies on not expecting students to learn new things before they master less advanced concepts. In one sense, the mastery principle has always been an inherent part of education: students are required to demonstrate a certain level of knowledge or skill before being […]


Allowance for children is a tradition opposed by some. Why should anyone grow up, the argument goes, feeling entitled to financial benefit apart from personal effort? If the kids want spending money, let it come in direct exchange for their share of household chores. It’s fortunate that people who take that line, rarely progress to […]

The 5 Love Languages: Secrets of an Effective School Community

Human nature is as complicated and complex as life itself, and every human is unique in his or her combination of bodily features, intellectual gifts—and emotional capabilities. Often, parents and teachers over-emphasize the rational side of dealing with situations and neglect the emotional level. The reality is, emotions, rather than reason, drive most people’s reactions […]

The Joy Of Friendship

How often do you think about the importance of friendship to your sense of well-being? How often do you experience the joy of having someone call with a cheering word; run to congratulate you on a victory; or stay there for you when your mood remains surly and off-putting for days? How often do you […]

The Gifts Of Accountability

How many times have you decided to make some positive change in your life, only to “fall off the wagon” before true results materialized? Change, especially major life-altering change, is a struggle; and sometimes, much as we want to achieve our goals, we can’t get there alone. Like a view from a mountain overlook on […]