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Why choose Set Them Up For Success?

Point of Difference:

 The Set Them Up For Success model is a unique program that focuses on the whole child. Success strategies are taught to students as they complete their homework. We fill kids up with confidence and joy through increased self-awareness. Our one-of-a-kind after school program allows parents to stop being the Homework Police. We foster the creative potential in every child and … SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS!

Public Acceptance:

Educating our children is a high priority. But is the current system meeting all of our students’ needs? Who is instructing our children on how to be successful, contributing members of society? Who is equipping them with the tools they will need to prosper? Education, and especially teaching our children the “life skills” necessary for success, is a recession-proof and evergreen business.


Promote Peer Mentoring and Cooperative Learning!

Highly developed sales and customer service skills

Ideal franchisees will share our mission and motivation to help the students in their communities to become successful. They must have demonstrated ability to promote their Centers and have excellent people skills. The ability to build and maintain rapport with parents, teachers and students is crucial to our Program’s success!

Many of our franchisees have built very successful businesses with the help of local teachers. That’s right!….. school teachers are your best source of referrals. Teachers have been so impressed with the difference they see in their students who have gone through the Program! Teachers and parents are our biggest fans and promoters!

Our exclusive sales and marketing approach will allow you to fill your Center with the type of families you want to work with and help. You will not only have all the clients you need, you will have clients you love to serve!

Strong ability to empower others to reach their potential

We believe that every child has incredible potential…our job is to give our students the tools and mentoring they need to discover and develop their unique talents. At Set Them Up For Success, we teach our students to concentrate on their strengths and how to compensate for weaknesses!  As a franchisee, you will have access to our tools and be trained in our methods to help your client families be the best they can be!

Enthusiasm for the Program and upbeat personality are two critical success factors. Kids model the behaviors they observe, and they are watching you! We will be here to empower all of our franchisees to be the best you can be, so that you are ‘all there’ for your students!

You will receive training in Set Them Up For Success parlance and delivery. Your words, tone of voice and body language are all important aspects of communication. A clear understanding of this is crucial to your success!

High personal standards, integrity and work ethic

Success in the educational services industry depends largely on reputation and commitment to the students. Our students’ success is our success! We work closely with the educators in our communities to enable their students to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

We believe in giving back to the community and teaching the importance of community service to our students. We are the change we want to see! Each of our Centers is involved in ongoing community service projects. Our students are involved in the total process, from choosing a charity to executing the service.

As a franchisee your time will be spent with your students in the afternoon. You have a great deal of flexibility to schedule your morning and evening activities for marketing, speaking engagements, parent meetings and other business owner duties. The flexibility this opportunity provides is fantastic!  A Franchisee’s return on investment will be commensurate with the amount of effort expended on promoting and maintaining the Set Them Up For Success Program.  Our standards for maintaining and expanding the brand are very high, and we are confident that those standards and motivation will be shared by all of our Franchisees!