A child’s job is to be a student, the best student he/she can be. What our program has taught us throughout the years is that if one doesn’t feel accomplished or ‘good at’ his/her job, this feeling can seep in and erode all other aspects of life. Just imagine going to a job every day at which you were not successful, how would you feel? Right, not very good! At Set them Up For Success, we work with our students to educate them on the necessary scholastic and ‘life’ skills and perspectives, so school success is perceived as their success.



Cooperative Learning

We are big believers in cooperative learning. If your child is really good in math, he/she will have ample opportunity to help another Set Them Up For Success student understand a math concept. And it comes back around…. the math whiz may need help in English, and one of his/her friends will be there for them!

This method of strength sharing does wonders for a child’s self-esteem and the overall culture of our Centers. We understand that a child’s job is being a student and our goal is to make sure they LOVE their job! Success breeds success, and when they do a good job and help each other to be successful, they will have increased confidence and feel ready to handle any challenge!



Teach Others What You Have Learned

The late Stephen Covey taught us to learn material as if we had to teach it to another. What a great idea! If you have ever applied Mr. Covey’s advice, you have no doubt experienced the many benefits of learning in this manner. Our students are encouraged to share what they have learned that day with their academic coach, another student or even their parents. By articulating the lesson verbally, a student can assess his/her level of comprehension and retention.

We encourage our students to learn the material the ‘first time’, to not put off the learning. We want them to be ready for a pop quiz each and every day they walk into school, because that is academic confidence which leads to academic success!