Learning Modules and Study Skills


In addition to individualized learning, Set Them Up For Success offers group sessions. Our students have the opportunity to join a mastermind group, to improve their public speaking skills, learn effective communication styles and many more essential life skills. Our academic coaches are trained to recognize and use “teachable moments” to enhance the learning environment. Being able to debrief a situation and learn from it in real time is incredibly valuable to our students.

We also incorporate study strategies in our daily dealings with our students. Having worked with students for the past 30 years, our founder, Debbie Elder has accumulated specific study strategies for different learning styles and subject matter. We teach a variety of techniques to our students commensurate with the skills they have (or are working to develop), making the learning relevant to each student. With relevance comes retention!

 Being efficient is important to us. We want our students to be able to enjoy each other, their families and some down time. By learning how to effectively learn course work and the importance of work/life balance, our students are able to live a balanced, fulfilled life.