Picking the right after school program can be puzzling!


Did you know that success is a learned trait? That’s right, successful people consistently do things in a certain way. You don’t just bump into success and it is yours. Success is the culmination of an acquired and carefully applied skill set. Are we teaching our children the skills required to be successful? Do you think the schools are teaching success strategies?

At Set them up for Success we not only help with homework – we teach every student how to be successful without them even being aware of it. There is no teacher lecturing. Blah, blah, blah …….Instead, we engage our students with academic (“life”) coaches who integrate success strategies as they are mentoring the students.

Set Them Up For Success is so much more than tutoring, or a place to get a little help with your homework. No, this is a place where young people learn to be successful in life, while getting a little homework done on the side!

It is not by chance that some people are successful, while others with seemingly similar characteristics and/or from similar environments are not. Just because one is bright does not guarantee success. Most of us have experienced a situation in which some of the “smartest” people we know are not successful, and have experienced repeated failures in life (business, relationships, adventures). And why is this? Because they had insufficient training in the art of being successful. Let us help your child succeed with after school homework help, while teaching them a system to achieve life success. It is a whole lot more than adding and subtracting (and a whole lot more fun!).


At Set Them Up For Success, we are firm believers in students having a break after school before they start their homework. For many that is the perfect time to have a nutritious snack and catch up with their friends.



Homework completion is important and just going through the motions doesn’t cut it with us! We want and expect our students to learn from what they have been assigned to complete. Our academic coaches are on hand to help with any questions our students may have, but we don’t provide the answers. We are Socratic instructors and encourage our pupils to discover their own answers.


Cooperative Games

Now that the work is done it is time for some fun! You will not find any video games or TV sets at our centers.  We believe in cooperative, engaging play. After a student has completed his/her homework and the academic coach has reviewed and approved it, the child is welcome to join in a group game, one with a partner, or in solitary play.


Learning Modules

Instead of engaging in Cooperative games, some of our students would prefer to use their free time to learn a new skill, or about something that interests them. We strongly encourage this, and have an extensive library of interactive learning modules that are available for use.

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